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UK Home Safety Week – top tips

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Two fire fighters tackling a house fire

UK Home Safety Week – top tips

Category : Domestic

1. Cooking appliances

• Never cook when tired or intoxicated
• Wear short sleeves or roll long ones up
• Never leave the kitchen when the cooker is switched on
• Make sure you don’t let pans or their contents overheat
• Make sure you hold the pan correctly
• When the pan’s on the stove, keep the handle facing sideways, away from the stove
• Keep the stove and all surfaces clean of spillages
• Remove rubbish, clutter, and packaging before cooking.
• Turn the cooker off by the main plug when you’re done
• Have a fire blanket handy, just in case

More on cooking safety here.


• Keep them on a flat, even surface
• Never walk around with them
• Light them with a long-reach lighter
• Extinguish them with a snuffer
• Never leave flames unprotected – cover then with lanterns or burners
• Never fall asleep with them lit
• Never leave them lit and unattended
• Keep them away from breezes and fabric

Electric appliances and wires

• Buy appliances from a legitimate source
• Check they meet BS standards and HSE guidelines
• If it’s second hand, a PAT test should have been carried out annually
• Don’t overload electrical sockets (use this tool )
• Never cover wiring or cords (even with carpets or rugs)
• Replace damaged wires or cords

Heating devices

• Never leave your heating appliance on unattended
• Make sure there are no faulty cables or wires
• Make sure they face the room, and nothing is blocking them
• Keep them away from paper, clothes and flammable materials


• Never install a bulb with wattage that’s too high
• Never exceed the wattage recommended for the lighting fixture or lamp
• Keep materials away from lamps and lights

Smoking materials

• Never smoke in bed
• Use a proper ash tray
• Avoid smoking when drunk or after taking medication
• Never fall asleep with a cigarette lit
• When emptying your ash tray, pour water in before-hand – just to be safe

Smoke detectors

Of course, a post would never be complete without mentioning smoke detectors. Make sure you have a working, well maintained smoke detector on every floor of your home. Read more here.

photo credit: OldOnliner via photopin cc

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