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Time to declutter?

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fire safety

Time to declutter?

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Clutter in your home is a fire safety risk for three main reasons:

1) It makes it easy for fires to spread
2) It makes it difficult for you to escape
3) It makes it tougher firefighters to tackle the blaze

In smaller houses

Poverty is strongly linked with a higher incidence of house fires. Also, when a fire does occur, those living in poorer households are more likely to sustain more injuries and suffer a higher mortality rate.

This is due to a combination of factors; for instance residents in lower income homes are more likely to smoke, and the houses are less likely to be equipped with working smoke detectors.

Another reason is simply that homes occupied by less wealthy people are smaller, meaning there is less storage space, making it easier for homes to become cluttered.

The problem with hoarders

As you can imagine, hoarding items is a big problem, especially when the items in question are newspapers or other highly flammable pieces.
Have an inspection

If you think you may be at risk, speak to your local fire brigade. They will be able to work with you to help you reduce your clutter, and work out a fire plan.

Keep your escape route clear

Clutter makes it difficult for you to escape because it can block your exit route. Ensure that you keep your escape route clear. Remember, during a fire black smoke can obscure vision, making it difficult to see, so evacuating your building will be difficult enough.

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