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Preventing Car & Vehicle Fires

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Car on fire in a car park

Preventing Car & Vehicle Fires

Keep it secure

You won’t be surprised to hear that the majority of vehicle fires are intentionally set to cover up crimes, such as car theft.

For this reason, the best thing you can do is to keep your car secure.

Remember your driving theory test? Don’t forget what you learned:

1. Park your car on your drive, in a garage or in a well-lit area
2. Keep anything valuable locked in your boot, out of sight
3. Close all windows and the sun roof when you leave your car
4. Never forget to lock your car door, even at petrol stations
5. Invest in extra security devices, such as a steering lock

Keep your car well maintained

As you know, an annual MOT check is legally required if your car is 3 years old or older. You can choose to get your car serviced to lower your risk further. Specifically, you should look out for:

1. Signs of damage to wiring
2. Wear to fuel lines

Remember, heat and welding equipment should never be used near the fuel tank or feed pipes.

Careful when smoking

If you smoke in your car, make sure that you empty your ash tray properly, and that all matches are properly disposed of. Remember, your car’s interiors are highly flammable and highly toxic.

It may soon be made illegal to smoke in a car when children are passengers anyway.

Be prepared

Make sure that you’re prepared for a fire by having the following tools handy:

1. An ABC dry powder fire extinguisher
2. A reflective waistcoat
3. A hazard warning triangle
4. A first aid kit
5. Emergency escape tools
6. An emergency foil blanket

What to do if a fire breaks out

– Park up (on the left)
– Switch off the engine
– Release the bonnet – DON’T open it
– Evacuate the vehicle
– Call the fire brigade
– Keep onlookers back
– Warn oncoming traffic – use a hazard warning triangle if you have one

If you’re in a tunnel:

– Try to exit the tunnel if possible
– If you can’t, park in an emergency lane, or as far to the left as you can
– Never make a U-turn
– Follow all the other steps laid out above

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