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Christmas Fire Safety in London!

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Fire Safety in London!

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Christmas in London is a magical time! The decorated streets of Oxford Street, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and the huge tree in Trafalgar Square amongst many other attractions never fail to impress! However, in these festive times, it is important to remember to be aware, safe and not get complacent in regards to fire safety in your own home! Over the last few years fire-fighters in London have attended over 300 fires on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day lets make sure you are not one of them! We have compiled some of the safety tips that the London City Fire Brigade have announced that you should ensure you follow.

Decorating your Christmas tree is always a big event in the year and can be a great family activity! However, the London City Fire Brigade urge you never to leave your Christmas lights on overnight as they will heat up and potentially cause the dry Christmas Tree to catch fire. As nice as it may look in the dark of night it is not worth the potential consequences. To further maintain safety check that your lights conform to the British standards and don’t attach other decorations too close to the lights.

Christmas Dinner is one of the best and social meals a family can have. A lot of time will be spent in the kitchen preparing what is sometimes the biggest meal of the year. It is also a time when there will be a lot of distractions with excitable children, family arriving and a generally chaotic house! Make sure this doesn’t absorb you too much and ensure that cooking is never left unattended especially with open flames! It is also important to never cook under the influence of alcohol. Finally, when all the cooking is done and it is time to enjoy yourself turn off and unplug all appliances.

Though it may not be on the top of your gift list, a smoke alarm or fire alarm is an important and life-saving object.  London Fire Brigade director of operations Dave Brown said: “A working smoke alarm is your best chance of getting you and your family out of the house in the event of a fire.”

  • Remember to check the battery in your smoke alarm regularly and use Christmas as a reminder to clean it and remove dust.
  • The early warning that a smoke alarm can provide in an emergency will significantly improve safety during the Christmas period when there is a seasonal increase in the numbers of house fires across the region.

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