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How to prevent false fire alarms

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How to prevent false fire alarms

The facts from London City Fire Brigade

False alarms are a big problem in London

– False alarms are responsible for 40,000 call outs every year
– It is estimated that false alarms cost the Brigade around £37 million each year
– False alarms account for 35% of all call outs

As part of the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan, to recuperate costs, a fee may be levied to buildings across the capital (but not domestic properties or care homes).

Here’s how you can reduce false alarms

– Keep your systems well maintained and clean
Old systems need to be maintained and updated to ensure they’re properly working. Detectors must be kept clean; dust on sensors can be mistaken for smoke particles, causing false alarm.

– Choose the right detectors
For instance, it’s no good having a smoke detector in a steam room, bathroom or dusty environment – false alarms will be rife. You’ll need heat detectors in these areas instead.

– Make sure your fire alarm system has been properly designed, installed and commissioned
This will ensure that you have the appropriate system for your building.

– Introduce a false alarm procedure
Where designated staff can check the incident before the alarm is raised.

– Record false alarms and remedy them
Following a false alarm, find out why it has occurred and take action to prevent it from happening again.

– Invest in anti-vandalism devices
You can get stoppers, cages and covers (locked and alarmed options both available) to prevent people from setting off your call points and unlawfully accessing your detectors.

– Keep your fire risk assessment up to date
If your risks change, your fire alarm system may need updating.
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