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How to Prevent Arson Fires

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arson fires

How to Prevent Arson Fires

We have 7 Top Safety Tips on how to prevent, or at least minimise the risk of fires being started in arson attacks.

1. Secure your building

This doesn’t just mean preventing unauthorised entry. After all, an arsonist only needs to slide a lit piece of paper through your letter box to accomplish their goal.

Most arson attacks occur at night, when there is nobody around to impede it’s spread. So it’s especially important that you secure your building when locking up.

2. Protect doors and windows

Metal shutters are one way of doing this. They’ll prevent arsonists from breaking doors, windows and posting lit matter through your letterbox.

Failing this, ensure all windows and doors are locked, and seal up any spaces between the door and the ground. You’ll also need an anti-arson letterbox. It’s a metal tin that will fit over your letterbox. If lit matter is posted into your building, the letterbox will contain it.

3. Secure your bin area

Bins are filled with flammable items, such as paper, packaging and the like. These are an arsonist’s dream! You should make sure that your bins are kept locked shut at all times.

4. Install perimeter fencing

This is especially important for agricultural sites…think of farms that have fields full of flammable crops. Of course, it’s not always possible to have fencing, but when it is, it’ll help your protect your entire site.

5. Control site visitors

Keep track of who enters and exits your building. This way, if an attack occurs, you can narrow down the suspects.

A good way to do this is to control access routes to your building. Limit the number of entrances in use and ensure visitors are given guest passes, so you can spot an unauthorised visitor.

6. Remove flammable materials from your building

If somebody manages to start a fire in your building, flammable materials will help to spread it.

One of the biggest culprits is going to be loose packaging. Remove it as soon as you possibly can, or keep it locked away.

If you use flammable gases or liquids, these too should be kept locked away.

7. Include arson attacks in your risk assessment

Arson attacks are a serious risk for businesses. You should include them when you conduct a risk assessment.

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