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Staff Fire Safety Training

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Prove you’ve complied with the Fire Safety Order

Stress the importance of fire safety in your building with staff training.

Your staff will get hands on support and the chance to test their skills, so they know how to cope with a real fire. Best of all, it will all take place within your building, to keep it relevant.

Upon completion, you’ll be issued with certificates to prove you’ve trained your staff, to keep you and your business covered.

  • Fully tailored fire safety courses
  • Certificates issued upon completion
  • Specific to working times, days, and shifts
  • Refresher course for new or veteran staff available
  • Fire marshal and fire warden training

Fully tailored courses

Every business is unique, one course won’t suit all. Your programme will be tailored to the layout of your building and the specific risks you face.

  • Fire prevention
  • Raising the alarm
  • Handling firefighting tools safely
  • Safe evacuation procedures
  • Aiding those with disabilities

Onsite training in London

All fire safety training will take place in your premises, so that staff can be shown taught in their genuine environment.

Other people could be your biggest risk. Reduce that risk now.

For Fire Safety Training, call on 0208 088 0280

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