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Fire & Welding Blankets in London

For cooking, clothing and welding fires

When fire extinguishers aren’t suitable, use a fire blanket. They’re versatile, affordable and easy to use – they never become outdated.

You won’t have to replace them after just one use – simply fold them up in their quick-release container, ready for re-use.

Use them on kitchen fires, bin fires and clothing fires. You can even wrap them around people during emergency evacuations.

If you have an industrial business, use welding drapes to keep embers and sparks contained.

  • Medium and heavy duty
  • Welding drapes
  • Hard or soft casing
  • Ideal for kitchen and clothing fires
  • Aid emergency evacuation
  • Free site surveys

Fire resistant blankets

Your fire blanket will be made from a fire resistant material and fibreglass, it’ll then be treated with a flame retardant.

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