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Cages, Stoppers and Seals for London Fire Equipment

Prevent vandalism, theft and misuse

Ensure your devices are working and  ready for use at all times; protect them from damage with covers, seals and stoppers. You can safeguard them against vandalism, theft, accidental operation and even the weather.

  • Fire extinguisher stoppers
  • Call point covers
  • Fire alarm web stoppers
  • Steel guards and cages

Fire extinguisher stoppers

Deter vandals and keep your extinguisher secure with a fire extinguisher stopper.

  • Red ‘STOP’ sign to discourage misuse
  • Anti-tamper seal to secure extinguisher
  • Warning alarm sounds when activated
  • Deactivation cable included
  • Batteries included

The visible threat of the ‘STOP’ sign acts as a deterrent, but they’re also alarmed and sealed for added protection.

Call point covers

Prevent accidental operation and deter misuse with a manual call point cover. They can be retrofitted over your call point to protect them from knocks, vandalism and even the weather.

All covers are clear and hinged so your call points can still be quickly seen and accessed in an emergency.

  • Clear, plastic cover
  • Simple, hinged mechanism
  • Prevent accidental operation
  • Deter vandals
  • Protects call point dust, grime and the weather

Steel guards – emergency lights, detectors, bells and more

Protect your devices with sturdy, steel cages. They’re fitted around permanent fixtures to prevent them from being damaged or removed.

  • Steel cages and STI web stoppers
  • For emergency lights, detectors and more
  • Doesn’t interfere with devices’ performance
  • Won’t obscure light or sound

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