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Automatic Opening Vents in London

Remove smoke during a fire

We all know that smoke kills. Save lives by removing smoke with automatic opening vents.

When smoke is detected, they’ll automatically open windows and skylights.

They’ll increase visibility, help people find emergency exits and improve ventilation. Smoke damage done to your building will also be dramatically reduced.

Your automatic opening vent will be concealed from vision – you won’t even notice them there.

  • Remove smoke
  • Improve visibility
  • Help people find emergency exits
  • Reduce smoke damage
  • For double glazed or solid openings
  • Concealed mechanism – you won’t notice it’s there

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Your automatic vents will be placed on high windows and skylights, so that smoke will be drawn up and away from people.

Book your free site survey now. We will tell you where to put your automatic opening vents, find out how we can link them with your smoke alarm system. Finally, you’ll get a commitment-free quotation.

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