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Addressable Call Systems in London

For greater communication

Programme individual devices to respond to each other with an addressable call system.

Each device has its own identity (address), which shows up on your main panel whenever it sends a signal.

Being able to identify individual devices will allow you to:

  • Programme devices to communicate with each other
  • Pinpoint the exact location of a fire
  • Get system health reports
  • Use different modes for times of day
  • Set detector sensitivity

It’ perfect in large buildings were communication could be otherwise difficult.

Choose how your system responds

Choose your system’s response to a whole host of situations with cause and effect programming.

If a fire breaks out , you can pre-programme your sprinkler system to activate, your fire doors to close and air vents to open. You can even make responses area-specific, too.

It’s great for phased evacuations, where you want to raise the alarm in priority areas first. The options are endless.

Monitor detectors for faults

Prevent potential problems from occurring with an addressable call system. Receive health and status reports from each device, so you can solve situations before they become an interruption.

You’ll also see warnings on the control panel when smoke or heat levels reach a certain level, so that you can investigate the area before an alarm is raised.

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