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fire alarm call point

How to prevent false fire alarms

The facts from London City Fire Brigade

False alarms are a big problem in London

– False alarms are responsible for 40,000 call outs every year
– It is estimated that false alarms cost the Brigade around £37 million each year
– False alarms account for 35% of all call outs

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Firework safety

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Category : Fire Safety Blog

Bonfire night is fast approaching so now is a good time to ensure you take the appropriate steps to have a safe and successful Guy Fawkes celebration.

Firework Safety Advice

Having fireworks at home can be great fun, as long as they are used safely. Figures show more children rather than adults get hurt by fireworks.

Over the past few years over 350 pre-school children, some only a year old, were treated in hospital for fireworks injuries.

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Fire Exit Sign

A Guide to ISO EN7010 Fire Exit Signs

Category : Commercial , Help & Guides

Fire Exit Signs should all:

• Be noticeable
• Direct people towards emergency exits
• Comply with ISO EN7010

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Domestic smoke detector

Choosing Domestic Fire Alarms

We’ve outlined each type of domestic fire alarm to help guide you on the best type you can buy to protect your home.

Smoke detectors

Some detectors, as the name implies, pick up smoke particles in the air. There are two types of sensors (or both) that they could have:

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