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Christmas lights

Candle & Christmas Lighting Tips

Christmas lighting tips

  • Inspect your tree lights
    –  Look out for frayed wire
    –  Bulb sockets should not be broken or cracked
    –  If there’s any sign of wear and tear, replace the lights
  • Never leave fairy lights unattended
    – Always turn them off before going to bed or leaving the house

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Bulkhead Emergency Light

A guide to emergency lighting

During a fire, two things can happen:

  • Wiring can be damaged and lighting can be lot
  • Black smoke can obscure natural light
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Firework safety

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Category : Fire Safety Blog

Bonfire night is fast approaching so now is a good time to ensure you take the appropriate steps to have a safe and successful Guy Fawkes celebration.

Firework Safety Advice

Having fireworks at home can be great fun, as long as they are used safely. Figures show more children rather than adults get hurt by fireworks.

Over the past few years A lot of pre-school children, some only a year old, were treated in hospital for fireworks injuries.

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arson fires

How to Prevent Arson Fires

We have 7 Top Safety Tips on how to prevent, or at least minimise the risk of fires being started in arson attacks.

1. Secure your building

This doesn’t just mean preventing unauthorised entry. After all, an arsonist only needs to slide a lit piece of paper through your letter box to accomplish their goal.

Most arson attacks occur at night, when there is nobody around to impede it’s spread. So it’s especially important that you secure your building when locking up.

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