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Fire Alarm Control Panel

Choosing a Smoke Detection System

Category : Fire Safety Blog

Conventional smoke detection systems

Conventional systems are wired into fire zones. This basically means that each part of your building has its own circuit. This circuit is classed as a zone. If a device is activated, you can tell which circuit it is wired on, which will tell you the general whereabouts of the incident.

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Domestic smoke detector

Choosing Domestic Fire Alarms

We’ve outlined each type of domestic fire alarm to help guide you on the best type you can buy to protect your home.

Smoke detectors

Some detectors, as the name implies, pick up smoke particles in the air. There are two types of sensors (or both) that they could have:

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Two fire fighters tackling a house fire

UK Home Safety Week – top tips

Category : Domestic

1. Cooking appliances

• Never cook when tired or intoxicated
• Wear short sleeves or roll long ones up
• Never leave the kitchen when the cooker is switched on

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staff fire safety training

Staff Fire Safety Training – The Basics

Fire safety in the workplace is important. Make sure you protect your business with staff fire safety training. We’ve outlined the basics you need to know.

You need to provide staff fire safety training when:

  • They are first employed
  • Their risks change or increase (caused by changes such as their job role)
  • Working practice is changed
  • New systems, tools, product or substance is used
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