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Two fire fighters tackling a house fire

UK Home Safety Week – top tips

Category : Domestic

1. Cooking appliances

• Never cook when tired or intoxicated
• Wear short sleeves or roll long ones up
• Never leave the kitchen when the cooker is switched on

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staff fire safety training

Staff Fire Safety Training – The Basics

Fire safety in the workplace is important. Make sure you protect your business with staff fire safety training. We’ve outlined the basics you need to know.

You need to provide staff fire safety training when:

  • They are first employed
  • Their risks change or increase (caused by changes such as their job role)
  • Working practice is changed
  • New systems, tools, product or substance is used
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CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Electrical Fire Extinguishers

What class are electrical fires?

Some people describe electrical fires as class E fires. However, in the UK, there’s no official class. This is because most types of fires also involve electrical equipment. If an extinguisher can be used to fight electrical fires, its cylinder will display a lightning bolt.

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water fire extinguisher

A Guide to Water (H2O) Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are the cheapest to buy, replace and refill. And it’s no wonder; the extinguishing agent is hardly costly to buy.

Who should use them?

Water fire extinguishers are commonly found in shops, due to the high level of packaging and clothing kept in stock.

However, many other businesses choose to have a water fire extinguisher present in addition to other extinguishers they need; if a Class A fire does break out, it’ll be cheaper to use and replace a water fire extinguisher than it would be to replace a multi-class one.

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