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water fire extinguisher

A Guide to Water (H2O) Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are the cheapest to buy, replace and refill. And it’s no wonder; the extinguishing agent is hardly costly to buy.

Who should use them?

Water fire extinguishers are commonly found in shops, due to the high level of packaging and clothing kept in stock.

However, many other businesses choose to have a water fire extinguisher present in addition to other extinguishers they need; if a Class A fire does break out, it’ll be cheaper to use and replace a water fire extinguisher than it would be to replace a multi-class one.

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fire safety

Time to declutter?

Category : Domestic , Fire Safety Blog

Clutter in your home is a fire safety risk for three main reasons:

1) It makes it easy for fires to spread
2) It makes it difficult for you to escape
3) It makes it tougher firefighters to tackle the blaze

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Christmas lights

Candle & Christmas Lighting Tips

Christmas lighting tips

  • Inspect your tree lights
    –  Look out for frayed wire
    –  Bulb sockets should not be broken or cracked
    –  If there’s any sign of wear and tear, replace the lights
  • Never leave fairy lights unattended
    – Always turn them off before going to bed or leaving the house

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Bulkhead Emergency Light

A guide to emergency lighting

During a fire, two things can happen:

  • Wiring can be damaged and lighting can be lot
  • Black smoke can obscure natural light
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