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Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers in London

Fight engine and vehicle firespowder fire extinguishers

Be prepared to fight most fires with ABC dry powder fire extinguishers – the most versatile option available

They’re the only extinguisher recommended for use on engines, and most commercial vehicles are legally required to carry a dry powder fire extinguisher.

They fight  fires by spraying fine powder over the flames, eliminating the source of oxygen.

We also supply L2 or M28 dry powder extinguishers if you work with metals.

Suitable for Class A, B, C and E fires

Class A: Ordinary combustibles – wood, paper, cloth, rubber and plastics

Class B: Flammable liquids – oil, petrol, greases and oil-based paints

Class C: Flammable gases – gas, propane and hydrogen

Class E: Electrical fires (may damage device)

Fight metal fires – M28 and L2 dry powder extinguishers

If you work with metals, invest in an M28 or L2 dry powder fire extinguisher. You can safely fight metal fires without the risk of receiving a thermal shock.

  • M28 fire extinguishers for all metals (not including lithium)
  • L2 fire extinguishers for all metal fires, including lithium

They’re the only metal (class D) fire extinguishers available.

Dry powder extinguisher training

Dry powder can obscure your vision and cause harm when inhaled. For this reason, you should avoid using them in enclosed spaces. To provide staff with safety training, call us today.

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