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Automatic Fire Extinguishers in London

Ideal in high risk rooms and compartmentsautomatic fire extinguisher

Protect your unmanned, high risk rooms with automatic fire extinguishers.

They’ll start fighting a fire sooner than you can – they’re activated automatically when a set temperature is reached. This makes them perfect for computer cabinets, engine rooms and other unsupervised, electrical areas.

You’ll also have more time to evacuate your building while the automatic extinguisher keeps the fire at bay. Automatic fire extinguishers are ideal in:

  • Small, enclosed areas
  • Rooms containing critical equipment
  • Mechanical, electrical and engine rooms
  • Where manual fire fighting isn’t possible

Suitable for Class A, B and C fires

Class A: Ordinary combustibles – wood, paper, cloth, rubber & plastics

Class B: Flammable liquids – oil, petrol, greases, oil-based paints

Class C: Flammable gases – gas, propane and hydrogen

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