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Fire Brigades Union Strikes again

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Norfolk Fire Brigade Union - 6 members, one holding a flag, another holding a picket

Fire Brigades Union Strikes again

The planned dates were announced on the London City Fire Brigade website last week;

• Friday, 2 May starting at 1200, ending at 1700
• Saturday, 3 May starting at 1400, ending at 0200 on Sunday, 4 May
• Sunday, 4 May starting at 1000, ending at 1500

These will be the 10th, 11th, and 12th FBU strikes since September last year.

Firefighters will attend:

• Serious fires – like those in Londoners’ homes – confirmed by a 999 call
• Fires that involve gas cylinders or hazardous substances
• Explosions
• Vehicle fires or boat fires
• Fires at railway stations and rail and road tunnels or fires involving people in underground tunnels
• Aircraft or train crashes
• Road traffic collisions
• Collapsed structures

Firefighters may not be able to attend:

• Grass fires and other outdoor fires
• Rubbish fires (includes fires in bins and skips)
• Fires on open ground
• Animal rescues (these will be referred to the RSPCA)
• People shut in lifts
• Flooding
• Automatic fire alarms – a 999 call will be needed

5 tips for staying safe this Bank Holiday

1. Take care when BBQing
• Keep a bucket of sand and water nearby, just in case
• Place your BBQ on a flat surface, away from trees, sheds or anything else flammable
• Use an approved fuel or fire BBQ lighter
• Never use petrol or paraffin to light your BBQ
• Make sure your BBQ has cooled before you try to move it
• Never empty ash into a dustbin – put it in bare garden soil instead
• Keep pets and kids away from the BBQ
• Don’t drink (alcohol) and cook
• Never leave the BBQ unattended

2. Make sure your smoke detector works
• You can check your smoke detector by pressing the test button
• Replace batteries if you need to

3. Plan your escape route
• Make sure that everybody in your home knows what it is
• Keep it free of clutter and obstacles

4. Take extra care when cooking
• Keep surfaces clear of spillages, rubbish or anything that could ignite
• Never leave your stove on, unattended
• Place pans so the handle faces away from the stove
• Never try to fight a cooking fire with water
• Instead use a fire blanket if you have one
• Otherwise, try putting the lid on the pan, or cover it with a damp tea towel

5. Take care when smoking
• Extinguish your cigarette properly
• Always use a proper ash
• When emptying the ash tray, put some cold water in it first
• Never smoke in bed (mattresses are flammable!)

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