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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems in London

Protect your building’s appearance

The capital city is a hot bed of historical and listed buildings. Cabled fire alarms aren’t always feasible.

Try a wireless fire alarm system instead. Panels and devices communicate over a radio frequency, meaning no wires are needed.

  • Completely wire-free
  • Can be installed on a temporary basis
  • Swift installation
  • Frequency range of up to 1.5 km
  • Easy to install, update or relocate devices

Since the system doesn’t require any cabling, it’ll be faster, easier and more affordable to install, too.

Easy to update, move or remove

You can easily remove devices as there are no wires involved. This means you can replace, remove and reposition devices during maintenance, system updates and refurbishments.

Ideal for large buildings

Frequencies cover a range of up to 1.5 km, making wireless systems suitable for all sized properties.

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