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Voice Alarm Systems for London Businesses

Speed up emergency evacuations

Give live guidance during a fire with an emergency voice alarm system.

They play voice messages when a fire alarm has been activated, so you can give directions, offer instructions, and provide situation updates.

You can use it to instruct site visitors, evacuate priority areas first and more. It’s ideal if you have a large business and struggle to keep track of who is where.

  • Direct people towards emergency exits
  • Instruct site visitors
  • Aid phased evacuations
  • Give separate instructions to different building areas
  • Provide live updates
  • Speed up emergency evacuations

Aid phased evacuations

It’s tough to evacuate everyone in a large building at once. With a voice alarm system, you can  play different messages to different areas of the building.  You can evacuate areas closest to the fire first, while you play a warning message to those in other areas.

Instruct site visitors

Site visitors won’t know how to respond to your fire alarm, or know their way around your building. You can give live instructions to site visitors, telling them what they need to do next.

Make your emergency evacuations more efficient.
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