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ASD Fire Alarm Systems in London

 Early fire detection with ASD alarms

Protect your high-risk or high value areas with the most sensitive systems on the market. Invest in an ASD system.

You’ll be alerted of a fire before it’s fully formed – these systems can detect smoke before it’s even visible to the naked eye!

This will give you the chance to tackle the fire before it does any damage. They’re perfect if you work with volatile liquids or flammable goods.

  • Very early smoke detection
  • Allows time to investigate the fire and plan your response
  • Tells you what stage the fire is at
  • Perfect in high-risk areas
  • Filtering system to prevent false alarms
  • Wider coverage
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • Leading brands, inc. VESDA and Honeywell

Get the time and information you need

Take damage control to the next level with early fire detection. You’ll get the time you need to investigate the fire, and come up with a fire fighting strategy.

If a fire is detected, you’ll also get information about the urgency of the fire. This could be the difference between saving and losing your business!

How do they work?

With most fire alarm systems, smoke has to reach the detector head before the alarm is raised. The fire could be fully formed by then.

This is where ASD fire alarm systems beat all others in the market.

Rather than waiting for smoke to reach the detector, ASD systems draw in air, using a network of pipes, and send it to a detection chamber. The amount of smoke in the air is then determined.

Best of all, air is drawn in evenly from the entire protected area, meaning that you’ll be able to spot a fire in the early stages, regardless of its distance from the detector.

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