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Radio Fire Alarm Systems for London Buildings

Avoid the cost and mess of wires

Keep up appearances in your stylish London building with a radio fire alarm system.

They’re completely wire-free, meaning you’ll have no cabling costs, and you can be install them without damaging walls or ceilings. They’re ideal for newly refurbished London offices and historical buildings.

  • Preserve your building’s appearance
  • Save on wiring costs
  • Remove devices when refurbishing
  • Move offices without the fuss
  • Remove the risk of dangerous wires

Hassle-free installation

You can minimise the disruption of your alarm installation with a radio system. They can be installed quickly and easily compared to wired systems, which will cause less of a disruption to your business.

Reliabile fire protection

Radio fire alarm systems operate over license-free UHF channels. All devices can consistently and dependably communicate with the central radio fire panel.

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