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Fire Alarm Testing Equipment in London

Fast and simple detector testing

Time to test your detectors? See how your system would respond to a real fire – try our specialist detector testing tools.

They’re cutting-edge devices that mimic real smoke, so you can see your system in action, rather than triggering it manually.

Your testing kit will include:

  • Smoke test gas
  • Carbon monoxide test gas
  • Tester head
  • High reach extension poles
  • Travel bag
  • Much more

Just hold the testing head to the device and release the test gas. Your alarms will be then be triggered if they are working.

It’s safe, easy and convenient to use. Best of all, it’s realistic.

Easy, safe and convenient testing

• Lightweight for transportation around your building
• Easy to use, you can’t go wrong
• Universal design to suit a range all detectors
• Can be used at any angle for awkward detectors
• High reach extensions poles remove the need for ladders

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