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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems in London

Conventional systems for small buildings

Office space in London is at a premium. If you occupy a smaller building, a conventional fire alarm system could be right for you.

  • For smaller buildings
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to configure
  • Affordable control panels and devices
  • Identify the general area of a fire

Find a fire sooner with fire zones

Minimise business down time with a conventional, zonal system.

You can set up ‘fire zones’, giving each zone it’s own circuit. If a fire or false alarm occurs, you can tell which zone the activated device is part of.

Often, businesses choose to have one zone per floor.

Save time, money and effort

Sometimes the most simple solution is the best. If you have a smaller building, a conventional system will be the easiest to set up. Conventional devices are also cheaper to buy and replace.

Save money with a conventional system. Call now on 0208 088 0280

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