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Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems in London

Greater control for large, London buildings

Do you have a large building? Good luck locating a fire in the early stages…and can you imagine the chaos of emergency evacuations?

Get greater control with an analogue addressable system. If there’s a fire or false alarm, you can tell exactly which device has been activated. This will allow you to pinpoint the fire and evacuate priority areas first.

  • Identify all connected devices and their locations
  • Pinpoint a fire’s exact location
  • Protect the system from circuit breaks
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Early fire detection
  • Phased evacuations to keep order
  • Report faults and problems

Damage control – identify devices

Reduce the cost of fires, faults and false alarms with an analogue addressable system.

Each device will have it’s own unique identity number (address). This means if there’s a fault, error or fire reported, you can find out which device is responsible quickly

This means you can solve problems sooner. It  also means that London Fire brigade can find and fight the fire sooner.

If there’s a false alarm, you can quickly identify offending device and get back to business sooner.

Save lives with phased evacuation

During a fire, you can evacuate priority areas first. This will help you maintain order in an emergency, and could literally save lives.

Keep your system working

Addressable fire alarm systems are protected from circuit breaks. They’re wired in a way that connects all devices in two places. This means that if there’s a circuit break, the devices will still be connected.

This, along with the sophisticated fault finding functions, will keep your system protecting your building and everybody in it.

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