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Essential Fire Protection Kits For Homes!

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Essential Fire Protection Kits For Homes!

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Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

• These are your go to products in terms of home fire protection due to their superb versatility. They are suitable not only for homes but also for cars, boats and HGVs.
• Can tackle all kinds of fires (Type A, B and C) so we suggest mounting one in your kitchen so that it is very accessible – it can even be mounted on the inside of a cupboard door using a “J-bracket” to hide it.
• It is also essential that everybody in your home knows where it is and how to use it in case of emergency – even children!
• For landlords it is worth buying a powder extinguisher wall sign and putting it near the extinguisher so all tenants are able to use it.

1m X 1m Fire Blanket

• This is an absolute must! A fire blanket can be used very quickly to end the spread of a fire before it becomes a serious incident.
• You should have this easily accessible especially when cooking using fats or oils.
• They are often designed to be wall mounted also so you know exactly where to find it when needed.
• Again landlords should consider a blanket wall sign so tenants are fully informed of its uses.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

• Carbon Monoxide is one of the biggest killers when it comes to gases because it is both colourless and odourless.
• Other than through a detector you are simply unable to know if your house has dangerous level of Carbon Monoxide which is highly poisonous to humans and animals.
• They come in very sleek and ergonomic designs so you barely even notice them.

Battery Operated Smoke Alarm

• Smoke Alarms are common in almost all houses – it would be unusual to find a house without one.
• However many people fail to fully maintain theirs to a sufficient standard – you should regularly check that the batteries are functioning.
• Every few years you should replace it with a newer model, like everything else the technology is constantly improving so don’t leave yourself at more risk than you need to.

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