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Creating a Fire Plan

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10 Firefighters tackling a house fire

Creating a Fire Plan

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Come up with an escape route

Make the shortest route, to the nearest exit your escape route. Everybody should know what the route is, and you should keep it free from clutter and anything else that may block you in or trip you up.

Practice the plan

This is especially important if you have children.

Have a back-up plan in place

If the fire blocks your escape route, you should have an alternative route planned out.

Remember vulnerable people

Never assume that people will be able to make their own way towards emergency exits.

Research has shown that many children don’t wake up when a fire detector sounds. Likewise, people with hearing, mobility or vision difficulties may need extra help.

Smoke detectors

Make sure you have one on every level of your home, and they are all working. You should test them once a week, and replace the batteries annually.

Before you go to bed

Make sure that you have closed all doors in your home, to help prevent potential fires from spreading.

You should also keep the following items by your bed, so that you have easy access to them in an emergency

1. A torch

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the bright flames of a fire would illuminate the way. However, the black smoke emitted by a fire obscures any light, making it difficult, if not impossible to see. You will need the torch to help you find your way out.

2. A charged mobile phone

So that you can call for help once you’ve evacuated the building

3. Any mobility or sensory aids

Walking sticks and glasses, for instance

4. A set of keys

For your back and front doors

If you can’t escape

If you are ever in this situation:

• Stay in a room that has a window
• Ideally it should be at the front of your house
• Block the bottom of the doorway to stop smoke from entering the room
• Open the window and call for help

photo credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust via photopin

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