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Candle & Christmas Lighting Tips

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Christmas lights

Candle & Christmas Lighting Tips

Christmas lighting tips

  • Inspect your tree lights
    –  Look out for frayed wire
    –  Bulb sockets should not be broken or cracked
    –  If there’s any sign of wear and tear, replace the lights
  • Never leave fairy lights unattended
    – Always turn them off before going to bed or leaving the house
  • Take care with  naked bulbs
    – Make sure they don’t touch anything that can burn easily
    – Keep them well away from paper decorations
  • Don’t overload plug sockets
    – To work out if you’re overloading, follow these steps:
    1) Divide the amount of watts your devices use by the number of volts available
    2) That will tell you how many amps you’re using
    3) Find out how many amps your electrical outlet is
    4) You shouldn’t be using more than that
  •  Replace blown bulbs
    – Most of them won’t work if a bulb blows anyway, for good reason!


Candle fire safety tips

  • Keep your candles clear of fabric
    –  This includes your clothing, curtains and carpets
  • Keep candles raised
    –  You can use a tray, candle holder, warmer or jar – there are plenty of options
    –  This will protect you from hot wax
  • Avoid having naked flames
    –  A candle warmer or jar is good for this
  • Extinguish candles with a snuffer, and light them with a long-reach lighter
    –  This will prevent you from burning your hands on the flame
    –  It’ll also keep loose (flammable!) sleeves away from the flame
  • Keep your candle away from draughts
    – They can blow embers from the candle onto nearby furnishings
    – Otherwise, they might blow curtains into the flame
  • Never carry a lit candle
    –  You could trip and drop the flame – imagine how quickly your carpet could burn!
  • Never leave a candle unattended
    –  If you leave the house or room, make sure the candle is no longer burning
  • Careful not to fall asleep
    – If you feel yourself becoming drowsy, extinguish the flame
  • Choose an electric candle if possible
    –  There are some realistic options that come complete with scented wax and a low glow!

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopin cc

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