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Staff Fire Safety Training – The Basics

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staff fire safety training

Staff Fire Safety Training – The Basics

Fire safety in the workplace is important. Make sure you protect your business with staff fire safety training. We’ve outlined the basics you need to know.

You need to provide staff fire safety training when:

  • They are first employed
  • Their risks change or increase (caused by changes such as their job role)
  • Working practice is changed
  • New systems, tools, product or substance is used

What to include in your fire training:

All employees should provide staff with basic fire safety awareness training.

In small buildings, this can be as simple as teaching your staff how to respond to a fire. They should know

  • What the risks are
  • How to safely handle flammable materials
  • What your fire plan is
  • How to respond to a fire
  •  How to raise the alarm
  • How they should inform site visitors (if this is their role)
  • How to shut down machines (if applicable)
  • Where emergency exits are
  • Why they shouldn’t use lifts
  • Where they can find firefighting equipment
  • How to use fighting equipment (if required)
  • Where the meeting point is

You should have policies in place to reduce the risk of fire, such as a safe smoking policy. All staff should be made aware of these.

Test your fire safety training

It is important that you periodically test your training with fire drills. This is even more critical if you have a high staff turnover where some employees may slip under the radar.

Fire marshal training – is it worth it?

Most businesses choose to take fire safety training to the next level with fire marshal and fire warden training.

For most businesses, they’re more useful for providing assistance during an incident. They can help disabled people escape a building. They can guide site visitors, who won’t know their way around your building, towards an exit. Generally, they help to keep order during evacuations.
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