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A guide to vehicle fire extinguishers

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Vehicle Fire Extinguisher

A guide to vehicle fire extinguishers

Trucks and Lorries – ADR regulations

ADR regulations are also known as The European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. ADR regulations stipulate the fire safety equipment that lorries and trucks must carry. Part of this relates to the size ABC powder extinguisher that you need.

The exact size will depend on the weight of the goods you carry, but as a bare minimum it needs to be at least 2kg.

These are the size/capacity guidelines laid out by the ADR:

Vehicle (max permissible mass) Minimum dry powder fire extinguisher required
Up to 3.5 tonne 2kg for cab
over 3.5 t and up to 7.5 tonne 2 kg for cab
Total 8 kg (usually one 6 kg but other provision is acceptable as long as there is one 6 kg)
Over 7.5 tonne 2 kg for cab
Total 12 kg (including at least  one 6 kg)
Any vehicle carrying dangerous goods under the” small load” limit or carrying only infectious substances One 2 kg  only

Mounting them

According to ADR regulations, they must also:

• Display an anti-tamper seal indicating the extinguisher has not been used or tampered with

• Bear marks indicating BSI compliance, a BS Kitemark and a CE stamp

• Contain contents that comply with EN 3 portable fire regulations (e.g. BS EN 3)

• Have a label indicating the due date of the next inspection or a ‘use by’ date

• Be easily accessible to vehicle crew

• Be protected from the weather

To adhere to these guidelines, vehicle fire extinguishers require a specialist transport bracket to keep them secure. To further protect them, a transport box is highly recommended.

What about ordinary cars?

If you’re not using your vehicle for commercial purposes, a fire extinguisher is still a good idea.

You can purchase a dry powder one that’s as small as 600 grams, for a very low cost. Make sure you secure them in your vehicle…unless you want a loose fire extinguisher rattling round in your boot.

photo credit: kyle.wood via photopin cc

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