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A Guide to ISO EN7010 Fire Exit Signs

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Fire Exit Sign

A Guide to ISO EN7010 Fire Exit Signs

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Fire Exit Signs should all:

• Be noticeable
• Direct people towards emergency exits
• Comply with ISO EN7010

EN7010 Fire Exit Signs

Previously, both European and British Standard fire exit signs were acceptable in the UK. This is no longer the case.

The new standard for fire exit signs is EN7010. To comply with this standard, all Fire Exit Signs must include:

• Text that reads ‘Fire exit’ or ‘Exit
• An arrow (excluding the final fire exit sign)
• A running man travelling through a fire door

Most places selling emergency escape signs will be able to tell you whether their signs comply with EN7010, so if in doubt, just ask.

How to make them noticeable

Your fire exit signs will need to be visible when there’s a fire. For this reason, you should bear two things in mind:

• During a fire, black smoke can obscure vision
• During a fire, the power may fail and lighting can be lost

Many businesses opt for photo luminescent fire exit signs. They will effectively absorb and re-emit light. It works very similarly to fluorescent lighting.

Another popular option is to invest in electrically lit Emergency Exit Signs. However, you will need to ensure they use a rechargeable power source that is separate from the mains supply, in case the mains fail.

How many emergency exit signs do you need?

This depends on your building. Here are some general rules to follow:

1) You should be able to see at least one fire exit sign at all times

2) A new fire exit sign should indicate a change of direction

3) A diagonal fire exit sign should be used at stairways to show a level change

4) Emergency exit signs should be found at the end of corridors

5) A final fire exit sign should be placed on every fire door

Mapping out fire exit routes

A fire exit route should take you to the nearest emergency exit via the fastest possible route.

This being the case, it stands to reason that each door should have at least one set of signs leading to it.

If there’s more than one way of reaching the same door, from the same place, map out the shortest route.

Mounting emergency exit signs

Emergency Exit signs should be mounted at eye level so they’ll be clearly seen. You can mount them on walls, or opt for hanging signs, which are often ceiling mounted.

Never try to blend them into your building’s aesthetics. While it may look nice, it’ll make the signs less noticeable.
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