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A guide to Chrome Fire Extinguishers

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Chrome Extinguisher

A guide to Chrome Fire Extinguishers

Chrome fire extinguishers are made from aluminium or stainless steel. They’re normally used in sterile environments, damp rooms, or offices that need to look smart. 

They don’t corrode

Chrome fire extinguishers are made from non-corrosive metal. They’re actually a good long-term investment, as their cylinders aren’t corrosive.

In damp areas

Chrome extinguishers are actually hard wearing, corrosion resistant and won’t rust because of the materials they’re made from. This makes them a popular choice in spas, swimming pools and other buildings with wet rooms.

In sterile rooms

In buildings where sanitation is paramount, such as hospitals and kitchens, chrome fire extinguishers can be cleaned as often as is needed without rusting.

CO2 chrome extinguishers

If you need a CO2 chrome extinguishers, opt for one with an aluminium cylinder. They can hold the gas under high pressure, but are still light and easy to use.

Where’s the Kitemark?

kitemarkTo carry the BSI Kitemark, 95% of an extinguisher’s cylinder needs to be red.

Of course, chrome extinguishers don’t meet this requirement, so don’t be alarmed when one you order arrives without the Kitemark. Instead, you should look out for other approvals to indicate they’re made to the necessary standards; normally they will be CE marked.

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