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Guide to Fire Extinguishers Signs

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Water Fire Extinguisher Sign

Guide to Fire Extinguishers Signs

Fire extinguisher signs will:

• Draw attention to missing fire extinguishers
• Ensure each extinguisher is in its correct location
• Tell you the fire extinguisher’s class
• Provide instructions on using fire extinguishers
• Provide safety warnings
• Draw the eye to chrome extinguishers in an emergency

What’s ISO EN 7010?

Currently, all fire safety signs must comply with ISO EN 7010. This is the new standard for both British and European signs. The new standard is very similar to the old British Standard, but there have been some changes.

Supplementary text can be added to give a clearer meaning, but all signs must include a pictogram. Text only signs no longer comply with current standards.

Some of the pictograms previously used have also changed, if only slightly, so it’s important that you check new signs purchased comply with the current guidelines.

Colour coding

Fire Safety Signs must follow a strict colour code and signs identifying the location of firefighting equipment must be red. This applies to fire extinguisher signs.

Draw attention to missing extinguishers

Fire extinguishers get moved about for all sorts of reasons. If an extinguisher has been stolen or moved, a fire extinguisher ID sign will draw your attention to the missing extinguisher so that you can replace it.

Ensure extinguishers are correctly located

A fire extinguisher signs tell you which extinguishers should be where. If your extinguisher is moved, you know exactly where they should be replaced.

Where they should be mounted

Fire extinguisher safety signs should be mounted on a flat wall, directly next to, or above, the fire extinguisher. They could also be attached to fire extinguisher stands, most of which have space for a fire extinguisher sign. Self-adhesive extinguisher signs have a sticky back and are easier to mount.

Give clearer warnings and instructions

Any fire extinguishers that have been manufactured to British Standards will have safety precautions and the extinguisher’s classification on the cylinder. However, they can be small and difficult to read, which is problematic when you need to act quickly. A portable extinguisher identification sign will clearly display the extinguisher’s classification and safety precautions using words and pictograms.

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